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Professional Care

Professional Care

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning isn’t just for your dressy clothes. We dry clean all types of items including golf shirts, sweaters and jerseys. Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning that helps keep your clothes looking newer, longer.


We offer laundry services for many of your apparel and household items. We’ll always provide you with the best cleaning method. Our special detergent gives you cleaning results not possible from home washing machines.

To busy to swing by to get your dry cleaning?
Pick up and delivery dry cleaning services in Armarillo, TX

Experience Village Cleaners’ $1 delivery service and you’ll never go back to those trips to the dry cleaners. We offer pick up AND delivery to both homes and offices located inside the Amarillo city limits.

How It Works:

Call us to schedule your pick up
We come to your home or business door step to pick up your custom laundry and dry cleaning items
Dry cleaning processes day after pick up
Your items are hand delievered the next delivery day after dry cleaning

Call us today to schedule your pick up and drop off services!

*$15 minimum purchase